About Us

Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd is an established company introduced to the global Market as an expanded procedure to build in our business and is a professional Manpower Recruitment Consultants company specialized in recruitment to Gulf States countries, Asia and African continents and European countries. We have recruitment license to operate recruitment service more than 110 countries approved by Nepal Government and in vary types of industries.

Recognized Countries for Foreign Employment:


عرض قائمة البلدان

العمال النيباليين المعترف بهم من البلدان لتوظيف الأجانب

List of countries opened by GoN for Foreign Employment through recruiting agencies
1 Afghanistan* 38 Guana 75 Nigeria
2 Albenia 39 Holysee 76 Norway
3 Algeria 40 Hongkong 77 Oman
4 Argentina 41 Hungary 78 Pakistan
5 Armenia 42 Iceland 79 Panama
6 Australia 43 Indonesia 80 Peru
7 Austria 44 Iran 81 Poland
8 Azerbaijan 45 Iraq* 82 Portugal
9 Bahrain 46 Ireland 83 Qatar
10 Bangladesh 47 Israel 84 Republic of Korea
11 Belarus 48 Italy 85 Republic of Slovak
12 Belgiam 49 Japan 86 Rumenia
13 Bolevia 50 Jordan 87 Russia
14 Bosnia Herz 51 Kazakhastan 88 Saipan
15 Brazil 52 Kenya 89 Saudi Arabia
16 Brunei 53 Kosovo 90 Singapore
17 Bulgaria 54 Kuwait 91 Slovenia
18 Canada 55 Laos PDR 92 South Africa
19 Chile 56 Latvia 93 Spain
20 China 57 Lebanon 94 Sri Lanka
21 Columbia 58 Libya* 95 Sweden
22 Combodia 59 Luxzemburg 96 Switzerland
23 Congo 60 Macau 97 Sychelese
24 Costarica 61 Malaysia 98 Tanzania
25 Crotia 62 Maldives 99 Thailand
26 Cuba 63 Malta 100 The Philippines
27 Cyprus 64 Mecedonia 101 Tunetia
28 Czech Republic 65 Mexico 102 Turkey
29 Denmark 66 Moldova 103 Uganda
30 Egypt 67 Mongolia 104 Ukrain
31 Estonia 68 Moritius 105 United Arab Emirates
32 Fiji 69 Morocco 106 United States of America
33 Finland 70 Mozambique 107 Uzbekistan
34 France 71 Myanmar 108 Venezuala
35 Germany 72 Netherland 109 Vietnam
36 Great Britain 73 New Zealand 110 Zambia
37 Greece 74 Nicaragua    

The countries with asterisk * sign are temporarily blocked nations for foreign employment.

We believe in keeping the employees and clients happy and providing them with the best service we could offer.

Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd has been successful in having a good knowledge in locating unskilled, semi skilled , skilled and highly qualified candidates, who are pursuing grass root, mid-management to executive-level positions. We are recruiting ordinary employees in small positions to higher positions to various employers in diverse industries. We have the drive for developing business relationships and enjoy working one-on-one with employees and clients. Through our efforts and success as a recruiter, we have gained a reputation for providing genuine consultation advice and working effectively with anyone.

Since, we have been very successful in recruiting and enjoying the everyday challenges of this profession, we decided to launch this profession as an independent consulter so as a foundation, we started up this company to expand our business for better developments.

We have a large data bank of candidates for all skilled, semi-skilled, highly skilled and general categories. We are equipped with a trade test center, which we offer to our client companies to analyze the applicants practically. Having a big reception area, a separate interviewer delegation room, and a waiting room, we try to provide the best of our services to our client companies and we are proud to say that, we have successfully dealt with many clients in a short period of time.

Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd is a well renowned recruitment and manpower supply company providing complete HR solutions to its clients since its inception. Under the guidance of its management, Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd has become a sound professional body for Outsourcing, Recruitment Services, Manpower Solution and HR consultancy in the Gulf States countries, Asia, South Asia and African continents and European countries.