Green Light Recruitment Agency

Welcome to Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd. It is professional recruitment agency in the Kathmandu, Nepal.  We have been at the forefront of the worldwide recruitment for over 15 years and were to achieve ISO9001 certification: a reflection of our constant emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.

With our well-developed infrastructure and staff strength, we are able to assist you with all kinds of recruitment needs ranging from junior professionals through to middle and senior management, whatever your industry sector need from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Moroco, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and Africa so on.

Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd has proven international experience and resources can help ensure you that recruit the best available candidates and enjoy the many advantages of a managed recruitment process.

One of the key aspects of our recruitment services is the quality team of consultants that are here to work with your business. With a wealth of experience in the recruitment industry, our consultants fully understand the needs of their clients and know the challenges, competition and the current market situation. This deep understanding of the industry and dedication to customer satisfaction is just one aspect that separates us from other recruitment consultancies.

We place immense value on the quality of our client relationships and this philosophy is what our recruitment services are built upon. With a vast candidate database full of potential employees, we take the time to find not only the most skilled but also a candidate that would thrive in your work environment.


The Benefits of Employers

Rapid access to the best candidates

By working with Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd, you will gain access to the largest possible pool of available candidates due to our long-standing prominence in the market, regular media presence, associates offices around the globe and a fully searchable database of over 100,000 quality candidates. By maintaining a healthy balance between people and technology, we ensure that candidates are comfortable with the level of discretion, approachability and feedback that we provide. As a generalist recruiter, we also tend to attract the widest range of talent available. This greatly increases your chances of finding the outstanding candidates your company wants and needs.

Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd is a prominent advertiser across various mediums. This gives us an unmatched ability to advertise vacancies on behalf of our clients, at our professional discretion. We will not be charged for these ads and will save valuable time that would otherwise be spent filtering many irrelevant responses. Furthermore, the best candidates are usually more comfortable applying to recruitment consultancies, especially at a more senior level.

A time-efficient, cost-effective solution

An unfilled vacancy is a problem that can unbalance an entire department or company. Opportunities might be missed, plans delayed, or other personnel diverted from important tasks of their own. It can also contribute to management stress and overstretch. In short, protracted recruitment can cost your company money. Our recruitment expertise and infrastructure can help you find the right candidate faster. In addition, we will save your further valuable time by pre-screening candidates and arranging interviews on your behalf. We will always work with you to get a comprehensive job brief, in order to ensure a smooth and successful recruitment process.

A popular and constantly-updated recruitment website

Our website and online job postings receive thousands of visits every day from the all over the Nepal, the GCC and around the world.

A large and experienced recruitment team

Our greatest strength is the people who work with us. We carefully train and support our staff to ensure that you enjoy a high standard of attention and service.

Map of Nepal display all district have recruitment consultants and Global map in Middle East , Asia, South Asia and African continent.

A Focus on Quality

Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd is large enough to possess an impressive infrastructure and offer full-spectrum recruitment services, yet  flexible enough to provide a bespoke service to our clients. Our internal processes and procedures are well-established and regularly audited, which means that you can always expect predictability, consistency and responsiveness.

Local experience; local expertise

Green Light Overseas Pvt. Ltd has been at the forefront of the recruitment industry in the region since 15 Years. Our valuable clients thus benefit from an unmatched level of local knowledge, networks and cultural awareness. We are committed to the region and believe passionately in forming long-lasting client relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

The security of a 3 month guarantee

Our service comes with a 3 month guarantee on all placements. We will take guarantee of free of cost replacement in following conditions:

  1. Peoples unable to perform well as per jobs in Demand Letter, job specification and description.
  2. Medically Unfits.
  3. Negligence and irresponsible in said job as per Employment contract.
  4. Involved to illegal activities, which has band in recipient countries.